Picture2WS Development of Chestnut Hill has once again donated toys and wrapping supplies to families of 75 children that are served through Family ACCESS programs such as Counseling and Consultation Services, Early Literacy Services and the Early Learning Center.

“Our families are always so moved and honored to have so many people be so generous towards them and their kids on Christmas,” said Deb Brush, director of the Early Literacy Services program here at family ACCESS, “it really helps them to feel supported and cared for.”

Bob Mooney, Collections Manager at WS Development shared this, “We want to thank you for putting this together for us and allowing us (with help from Marcum ) to participate in spreading the Holiday Spirit!! It is truly what this time of the year is all about. We are already looking forward to next year!”

Thank you to all the staff at WS Development, for ensuring a happy holiday for each and every child you helped. may your celebrations be equally as joyous!