Children’s Library opens at Family ACCESS

A world where imagination is your guide. A treasure trove of books to stimulate every interest. A place to gather and share experiences. A library is an essential community resource.

It is with great excitement that we announce the opening of The Library at NCSC. A brightly lit room on our second floor offers rows of bookcases lining the walls and a large colorful rug for groups to gather round a reader.  The vast book collection, mostly from the shared resources which previously had been accessible to NCSC teachers only, offers a variety of genres for young children including fiction, non-fiction, picture books, bi-lingual and multicultural books, big books for group reading and books and music on tape. Soon we will add low bookcases to display a rotating collection of titles, just at the level for youngsters reaching to help themselves.

“Children learn about reading before they actually learn to read and write. Even babies learn how to hold a book every time we sit them in our lap for a story,” explains Barbara Cleary-Simons, NCSC Educational Director. “We are building a foundation for reading so when it comes time to learn sounds and build vocabulary, children will be ready. Most importantly, we know that by making literacy fun, we help children develop a love of books and set the stage for reading success.”

NCSC teachers envision a school library that will enrich the literacy experiences that already take place in our classrooms by providing a place to explore individual interests and share their excitement with each other, engage in dramatic play, learn new words and concepts, and to gradually increase their attention spans. Another goal of the Library is to provide an experience for many of our students and their parents who, for a variety of reasons, do not have the opportunity to make regular visits to the public library.

Three NCSC programs will take advantage of the library. Early Education & Childcare, Early Literacy Services and the Parents Program all will have opportunities to engage in creative and interactive literacy experiences or parenting support using shared resources. In addition to supplementing NCSC’s classroom literacy curriculum, the Library offers a collection of books on parenting and early education and a conference table for parent meetings and adult consultation.

NCSC extends sincerest appreciation to Louise Hauser and the Harmony Foundation. Their generous support has made possible the room renovation and expansion of our multi-cultural book and music collection.

NCSC is currently looking for volunteers to read to classes, lead group activities and take care of the library materials. For more information, contact Judy Siggins at 617-969-5906 x210 or