Family ACCESS Counseling and Consultation Services provides comprehensive clinical services and social-emotional supports to parents and their young children (0-5 years of age), with the goal of strengthening family relationships and reaching individuals’ full potential. .

For more than 30 years, Counseling and Consultation Services has been committed to serving families in Newton, Waltham, and surrounding communities. Our success lies in the positive and supportive relationships with families and our focus on how parents best facilitate their young child’s development in all areas.

We partner with parents and their community to create individual services with an understanding of the family’s strengths and unique challenges. Our creative service model is based upon respectful and trusting long-term relationships with families and provides sustainable interventions that impact the quality of a family’s life. Our master’s level clinicians offer services in homes as well as in our offices .

Karen Seniuk, MSW, LICSW

Child & Family Counseling

  • Child play therapy and child trauma treatment
  • Child developmental and social–emotional screening and assessment
  • Parent-infant and parent- child relationship therapy
  • Individual counseling and consultation for parents (in English, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Young Parent Support services for pregnant and parenting teens
  • Family counseling to address multi-generational issues,
  • Case management with referrals and linkage to community providers and concrete resources, for needs such as food, housing, furniture, clothing.
  • Advocacy for clients to ensure that families receive the benefits and services they need,
  • Collateral and collaborative work with other providers, including the medical, childcare, judicial and child protective services.

Early Childhood Classroom Consultation

The Family ACCESS consulting team is available to assist your child care or early education center staff. Our mental health consultants are grounded in developmental understanding as they observe and support a nurturing classroom environment, positive teacher-child interactions and address the unique social/emotional needs of individual children. The consultants model a stance of curiosity and mutuality that can influence teaching staff relationships with families and parents with their children.

Our team is able to help you decrease or eliminate challenging behaviors that may be disruptive to your classroom by designing effective plans and interventions. Our consultants will work closely with your team of parents, teachers and administrators to provide the support and structure a child with challenging behaviors needs to improve self-regulation and become an engaged member of the group.


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