CBrooks_Cropped 160x160Family ACCESS is pleased to announce that Catherine “Cate” Brooks has joined Family ACCESS as our new Director of the ELC program. Cate Brooks has been in early childhood education for over thirty years. She began her career in a preschool special education classroom and has spent many years teaching early childhood in the Cambridge area. She transitioned to directing non-profit early learning centers in parent cooperatives solidifying her commitment to partnering with parents. During her career she has seen the field of early childhood education embrace many different schools of thought. Through the years Cate has had the intention of making a difference in the lives of children.

“I have always thought the only way to change the world was one child at a time. I wanted the world to be a kinder, gentler and more compassionate place”, said Cate, “and the mission here at Family ACCESS, the commitment to serving diverse populations, the agency having a multi-pronged approach and the uniqueness of having consulting and counseling in the school made it irresistible to me in terms of fulfilling that plan.”

“Cate has a track record of developing great teaching teams and of engaging parents in a meaningful way. She brings a level of energy and enthusiasm that will be contagious,” said Jon Firger, Executive Director of Family ACCESS of Newton. “Cate offers an approach to managing, supervising and communicating that is very consistent with our organizational culture. We strive to create collaborative partnerships between teaching teams, parents and supervisors to ensure that we are all responding to unique needs of every child.”