Support Family ACCESS today and help change the lives of children!

Dear Friend,

15 MILLION – That’s the number of young children living in poverty in our country. Over 70,000 live in Middlesex County
alone. Inequality of opportunity for low-income children starts at birth and is magnified when there is a lack of access to
quality early education that focuses on social, emotional, and cognitive development. Educators and psychologists tell us that
if a child is forced to stay on this pathway, lifelong harm results. Researchers estimate that low-income children
are exposed to ½ the vocabulary and enter school an average of 1.5 years behind those from higher-income families.

With your support we can help prevent the achievement gap!

Family ACCESS provides a variety of quality opportunities to
local children and families:
• nationally accredited childcare and pre-school
• counseling and consultation services for parents
• two national early literacy programs
• child assault prevention education (CAP)

Please join me in making a donation to ensure the best outcome for all of the children in our community. Your gift will immediately impact their lives, dramatically improve their ability to thrive, and help prepare them for lifelong success.

Stacy Klickstein, Board Chair
P.S. 100% of your gift stays local

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